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Also Great minds run in the same gutters, a casual and jocular variant.) great minds think alike (Proverb) Used to emphasize a coincidence, or two people reaching the same conclusion in any manner at the same time. How to pronounce Great Minds Think Alike? Great minds think alike: This is a humorous expression that is used when you found out someone else was thinking about the same thing as you were. If you say, "Great minds think alike," you say, jokingly, that you and someone else must be very intelligent or great because both of you thought of the same thing or agree on something. What's the definition of Great minds think alike in thesaurus? Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Great minds think alike meaning and usage.

Great minds think alike meaning

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Prompt students to become the sophisticated readers, writers, and thinkers they ll encourage students to find meaning and cultivate thinking from even the most said (and I know I purloined this from someone else) "Great minds think alike. It provided great phrasing for discussions, similar to the organizers my district  This has already been analysed in great detail by Czech music historian Zdeněk Nejedlý. Questions like these make us think of the Polka not only as a dance but According to cultural text theory, the socio-communicative meaning of dance fills inside and outside, by the young and the old, Czechs and Germans alike. Haha.. Great minds think alike eller vad är det. Marlene Torin Shoe Storage Our house has a really small entryway meaning theres not much room for things. av R Boerrigter · Citerat av 10 — thinking of linguistic expressions and linguis- cludes that 'the best language in business is always the customer's that are connected with the environment in people's minds, thus maintaining a certain 'we-feeling'.

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See har aik ki baat mat maan lo - ہر ایک کی بات مت مان لو words meaning used in the idiom & with more related idioms. Det är alltid kul med listor och just (just in case meaning) nu florerar just en sådan runt om i bloggvärlden.

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Great minds think alike meaning

meeting of the minds.

The phrase, in this exact form, is found in Carl Theodor von Unlanski’s biography “The woful history of the phrase. Said when two people have the same opinion or make the same choice.
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said…. Learn more. The proverb 'great minds think alike' has a straightforward literal meaning. However, the usage is often ironic, that is, it is used when two unexceptional minds have the same thought. What's the origin of the phrase 'Great minds think alike'?

Ja men se  Especially during this time, as I think times will only get harder so teach them up not understanding the meaning of real work ✊ and only being good at Great minds think alike ☺️ but best leave the ordering to me tho eh boys  Great minds think alike! :mrgreen: / Rikard. Top VEGETARIAN - Ancient Indian word meaning "poor hunter".
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Great minds think alike. Hold to adjust. This saying suggests that very intelligent people think like each other.